Titanium screws used for treatment of missing teeth. Also they can be called as artificial roots.

In which situations Implant is applied?

1-) If the patient has a single missing tooth and his/her adjacent teeth are healthy then implant treatment is indicated.

2-) If a few adjacent teeth are missing together, implant treatment which can be sufficient mechanically and later on porcelain or zirconium bridges can be applied over them.

3-) If all the teeth are missing in the jaw, according to the patients’ demands and jaw bone volume, fixed prothesis can be done with implant operation to the whole jaw.

4-) If all the teeth are missing in the jaw, by applying 2 or 4 implants and a removable prothesis having a junction part like a ball, it is possible to provide more stabile and comfortable prothesis inside the mouth.

5-) All on 4 System: If all the teeth are missing in the jaw and there is no sufficient bone volume at the back part of the jaw, it is a fixed prothesis system which is applied over 4 specially positioned implants.

6-) Zygomatic Implant: It is an implant system which is supported by cheek bone  (zygomatic bone )when the bone volume is less.

Situations When Implant Treatment can not be Applied:

1-) Young patients who are not completed their jaw development yet

2-) Patients having uncontrolled diabetes

3-) Patients having radiotherapy or chemotherapy now or recently

4-) Patients having blood disorder or bone related disease

5-) Patients who can not or are not caring about their oral hygiene  (example: Mentally Retarded Patients)

6-) Patients whose general health condition is not good enough for those kind of treatment

7-) Patients using some kind of aggressive anticoagulants and certainly can not quit using them.

8-) Patients who are severe smokers and who have advanced alcohol consumption.