A treatment style that corrects improperly positioned teeth and jaw relations. Besides, proper alignment of teeth, a good face aesthetics and occlusion between the jaws are also provided by orthodontic treatment. Causes of teeth crowding can be; early loss of deciduous teeth, using pacifier or baby bottle for a long time, habits like thumb sucking - lip biting and also it may develop related with genetical factors. When the problem is only dental then treatment is possible for every age group; but if there is a skeletal (jaw related) problem, diagnosing it i in early age is important. Orthodontically examination of children at the age of 7 will prevent future problems.

Treatment with removable appliances is possible for problems which are diagnosed in early age groups. In advanced ages, in other words after bone development is completed, teeth movement can be provided by brackets. Metal or clear brackets which are aesthetically more satisfying can be used.

Recently, together with the technological improvements, simple crowdings can be corrected in a very short time period by using clear trays which are called CLEAR -ALIGNERS. Those aligners have minimum effect on social life due to being removable during day time, and thus they can be used for adults comfortably.

They don’t have indication for all cases, it is recommended to take an advice from your doctor about them.