Dr. Özlem İNCE

Dr. Özlem İNCE

Bachelor's Degree 2008-2013 Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry

PhD 2014-2018 2014-2018 Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Orthodontics

Scientific Meetings Attended

25-29 / 10/2014 14th International TOD Congress
25-29 / 10/2014 14th International TOD Congress - The Importance of Multidiciplinary Treatment
20/11/2014 TME Symposium
28-30 / 11/2014 1st International Congress of Cleft Lip and Palate
19/12/2014 Carriere System
19-21 / 02/2015 TMJ: The Multidiciplinary Approach
15-19 / 05/2015 American Association of Orthodontics Congress (AAO)
POSTER: Bone Anchoraged RME for Clefts: a 3D cephalometric evaluation
25-26 / 05/2015 Inter-Arch Treatment Mechanics
30/05/2015 Digital Orthodontics- Insignia Introductory Course
02-04 / 11/2015 14th International TOD Symposium
POSTER: Evaluation of Impacted Upper Canine Teeth with Conical Beam Computed Tomography in Individuals in Western Central Anatolia Region
04/11/2015 14th International TOD Symposium - Facial Aesthetics of Orthognathic Surgery
22-23 / 05/2016 15th TOD Regional Meeting
01-05 / 10/2016 15th International TOD Congress
POSTER: Treatment of Postadolescent Person with Maxillary Stenosis with 4 Palatal Mini Screw Assisted Hybrid Fast Maxillary Expansion Apparatus: Case Report
26/12/2016 The Role of Orthodontics in Cleft Lip and Palate - NazoAlveolar Shaping Course
14/02/2017 Laser Welding Course
17/03/2017 Treatment Options in Class II Malocclusion Dr. Contact Nazan directly
5-10 / 06/2017 93. European Orthodontics Of Society (EOS) Montreux / Switzerland
POSTER: Rapid Maxillary Expansion Effects Using Two Palatal Mini Screws In Preadolescent Individual: Case Report
30/09/2017 Masterclass in Orthognatic Surgery Course Face, Airway And Bite Concept
15/04/2018 Cephalometry in Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning / Prof. Dr. Example: Tuba ALTUĞ
10-12 / 05/2018 The 23rd BASS Congress Iasi / Romania
ORAL PRESENTATION: TWO-BLOCK Appliance In Subject Of Class II Malocclusion
09/06/2018 Mixed Dentistry Treatments Dr. Contact Arzu directly
13-17 / 10/2018 16th International TOD Congress
POSTER: Treatment of Open Closure with Skeletal Anchor Supported Habit Crusher Apparatus: Case Report

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